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How To Recognize A Luxury Hotel?

How To Recognize A Luxury Hotel?

Experienced travelers have it on the tip of their finger and can spot a luxury hotel from a mile away. But what about the rookie adventurers who do not want to end up spending their whole vacation budget on a single night spent in a hotel? How can they recognize a luxurious hotel and avoid this mistake?

Many hotels around the world consider themselves luxurious. However, the standards which regulate the categorization of hotels vary greatly. A 3-star hotel in one country may pass as a 5 star in another. Keep reading and find out what is it that makes a hotel luxurious without looking at the price list.

luxury hotel Simple booking

High-end hotels take care of their clients` time. They are aware that people do not want to waste their holiday filling out forms or standing in line at the reception. The booking process has to be quick, effective and effortless.

Providing the promised quality

A luxury hotel will not jeopardize its reputation by offering clients rooms which are not identical to the ones showed at websites. A client expects what he has booked, and a proper luxury hotel will always deliver the promised level of quality.

Luxurious features

From high-end furniture to top-class bathroom amenities, a room in a luxury hotel has to win you over with quality and style. The unique furnishings, tasty decorations, high-tech amenities, stunning views and beautiful bathrooms, a true luxury hotel must have it all. Of course, we cannot leave out a good breakfast. A luxury hotel has to offer a rich, tasty and healthy breakfast.

Luxurious featuresA range of activities

A luxury hotel offers not only a room to sleep in but additional activities for their clients. Most luxury hotels offer indoor swimming pools, spa centers, fitness areas and many more amenities. Other features include hairdresser salons, beauty parlors, sports halls, tennis courts, conference areas and others.

Concierge services

A hotel without a concierge cannot be called a luxury hotel. A concierge is a person who is not only an employee of the hotel; it is a person you can count on. A concierge will take care of your flight arrangements, your theater tickets, and your taxi service. He will also explain where to have the best sushi in town and get you dinner reservations at the hottest restaurants. Indeed, a good concierge is what every luxury hotel needs.


The Best Luxury Hotels Europe Has To Offer:

Europe is such a huge place, filled with many different cultures, languages, customs, cuisines and fascinating architecture. Spread over 10 million kilometers (America is just over 9 million by way of comparison), you could visit every single country in Europe (there are currently 51) and still not see everything that this amazing place has to offer.

And of course, across all those countries, there are an amazing array of luxury hotels for you to choose from. These are the very best that Europe has to offer:

The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland:

Upon first laying eyes on this fine establishment, one could be forgiven for mistaking this hotel as a fine museum. Featuring fine art and exhibition pieces from the likes of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, this is a sight to behold.

In addition, the spa is spread over 43,000 square foot for the ultimate in relaxation. For the foodies, an 8 course meal is available, prepared by Michelin starred chef, Heiko Nieder.

Canaves Oia Santorini, Greece: 

Looking as if it was ripped straight out of a James Bond movie, this hotel has 41 rooms, and is in high demand. Build into a cliff side, with panoramic balconies and infinity pools for guests to enjoy, the Canaves Oia Santorini is a truly unique setting.

Eccleston Square Hotel, London, England:

London is literally packed with luxury hotels, so it can be hard to choose between them. However, the Eccleston Square differs from what a lot of others have to offer.

The focus of this family run establishment is technology – each room comes with a specialized iPad, enabling guests to do everything from making dinner reservations to even ordering a new toothbrush, should the need arise. The best room to request is one with a balcony, overlooking the gardens.

The Lodge, Ashford Castle, Mayo, Ireland:

Many people traveling to Europe for the first time hope to travel to Ireland at some point, even if just to see what all the fuss is about. If traveling to this Island, why not stay in the very best hotel you can while there? The Lodge at Ashford Castle, set on 350 acres overlooks Lough Corrib, and is truly an unforgettable setting.

While here, ensure to have dinner reservations at Wildes at the Lodge, named in honor of William Wilde, a very well known surgeon who lived in the area. Oh, and he was also father to a guy named Oscar something or other!

Waterford Castle, Waterford, Ireland:

Finishing with Ireland, Waterford Castle in County Waterford is really a unique place. Built on a private island, the hotel is a restored 16th century castle.

The restaurant, the Munster Room, is fantastic, and has been awarded with the Michelin star. You can try Irish classic cuisines such as smoked haddock with caviar, before finishing your banquet with fresh Irish Cheeses.

The choice for luxury accommodation in Europe is vast, but hopefully this piece has been of some assistance to you in making a decision.