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Services That A Luxury Hotel Can Offer You & Your Family

If you have ever seen luxury hotels depicted in the movies, you will see that often times, the staff of these hotels will go above and beyond to ensure that their guests have everything that they desire. Sometimes, what is portrayed on screen can seem a little bit ridiculous, going to extremes to entertain the audience or to elicit a laugh from the audience.

However, luxury hotels will go to (sometimes extreme) lengths to ensure that their guests have everything they want, making sure that they are kept happy. This results in repeat business, and free “word of mouth” advertising, that is priceless in itself.

Here are a few of the services that luxury hotels can offer you and your family:

Private Chef:

Certain luxury hotels will offer guests the option of having their own private chef to have at their disposal to cook a meal for them.

Having this kind of attentive service available to guests has a huge impact on them, as they know that the food they are getting is not “off the rack”, is cooked to their exact specifications and will be as delicious as possible.

In Villa Dining:

Some luxury hotels have private villas for their guests, and they offer the option of having a table service provided to guests, in their own villa!

In conjunction with having a private chef at their disposal, this is a unique experience for guests, and having this one on one treatment is something really special.

Private Pool:

Some of those villas may come with their own private pool also. Having the ability to take a dip in your very own pool, free from children and other guests is something that many guests treasure. This is real “living the dream” stuff!

Private Beach:

Indeed, if your hotel is located close to the sea, you may find that the hotel offers you your very own private stretch of beach with your villa or room. There is nothing quite like waking in the morning, to opening your door to a fresh sea breeze, while the sun warms the golden sands under your feet.

Chauffeur Service:

Do you need to head somewhere, but do not fancy having to drive your hire car or taking public transport to your destination? Many luxury hotels offer chauffeur services, meaning that you can be dropped off and collected from your destination in style. A real slice of the movie star lifestyle!

The Need Anything – Just Ask Approach!

Luxury hotels really will go above and beyond to ensure that you have everything at your disposal that you could possibly want. You will often find that all you need to do is ask (within reason of course – nobody is going to carry out illegal activities for you!).

Seriously though, all you need to do is experience a luxury hotel once, and you will find it almost impossible to ever return to inferior offerings from 3 or 4 star hotels.


Luxury Hotel

Features Never Found In Luxury Hotels:

If you have ever stayed in 3 or 4 star hotels (as I am sure many of you reading this have over the years), there are a number of “features” or experiences that you will no doubt have had, that you will never experience at a luxury hotel.

Now, that is not to say that luxury hotels are lacking in any way, rather the opposite is true. Read on to discover some of these “features” or experiences that you will never endure at luxury hotels:

Extended Waits Checking In and Out:

3 and 4 star hotels are used by the vast majority of holiday goers, as they are somewhat cheap and cheerful. However, once check in time arrives, people seem to descend from everywhere, clamoring to get checked in to drop off their bags in the room.

The same is true of check out time. This does not happen in luxury hotels, as it is the staff’s top priority to ensure that you have the very best experience possible, right from the start.

Some luxury hotels enable you to check out, before you even leave your room, meaning all you have to do is drop off your room key before heading off on your journey home.

Sub Par Bedding:

They say that there is nothing like your own bed at home. Perhaps the person or persons who came up with this phrase never experienced beds in luxury hotels however!

3 or 4 star hotels all seem to have the same beds and bedding materials, usually hard mattresses (to ensure that they are acceptable to a range of tastes, and are hard wearing), while some luxury hotels will allow you to choose your preferred mattress and bedding material type, ahead of checking in.

No more rock hard mattress or scratchy blankets!

Food Choice – What Food Choice?!

3 or 4 star hotels normally have just 1 restaurant, and while there may be different cuisines on offer, these are usually a shadow of what the authentic cuisine should be, prepared with substitute ingredients, that have been stocked to cater to the wide ranging menu.

Luxury hotels will usually have several restaurant options on site, with specialized and authentic menu options, often prepared by a chef who specializes in that particular cuisine. You will know the difference immediately, as the correct ingredient will be used to ensure the freshest, tastiest experience possible.

This too is true of vegan or vegetarian options, as 3 or 4 star hotels may have only just 1 item on the menu to cater to your tastes, while luxury hotels will have a massive range to choose from.

General Surroundings:

3 and 4 star hotels are “adequately” decorated in both their rooms and public areas. Often favored by business people for meetings and “off the street” customers for food etc, these hotels are perfectly fine for short stays.

However, luxury hotels are prepared to the highest standards, ensuring that no matter where guests look, they are witnessing the very finest.


Choosing The Right Luxury Hotel

When you are browsing the internet or through brochures for your hotel to stay in while on holidays (or other travel plans), it can become pretty easy to get bogged down in the sheer amount of choice there is available. Of course, this will depend on your holiday destination of choice, but often times, there will be a choice between at least 2 places to stay.

And when it comes to luxury hotels, while there may be fewer of them to choose between, it can be hard to choose just one. That is why it is worthwhile having a checklist of sorts that you can revert to, in order to make the choice easier for you. Here are some ideas you can use for your checklist:

Food Choices:

While you may choose to eat out on many of the nights that you are on holiday, you may prefer to have an early night on at least one of your nights staying in a hotel. Therefore, having a great choice of food is pretty important.

Consider what types of food you would like to experience while staying in the hotel and ensure the one you choose matches your desire.

Additional Benefits:

Does one hotel offer additional benefits that outweigh those of another you are considering.

Things such as free breakfast every morning, perhaps a free dinner on some of the nights you are staying, air conditioning in room and television channel choice could all be deciding factors for you. Add these to your list also!

On Site Laundry Service:

Some hotels offer on site laundry service. Now, you may never need to avail of this service, but anything can happen while out in the wilds on your travels, so it is at least beneficial to have this as an option.

And indeed, many travelers like to wash their clothing before packing and heading home, leaving one less job to do when they arrive back in their home destination. IS this something that you would consider important to you? If so, add It to your list!


This may be one of the greater deciding factors in choosing your ideal hotel. Depending on where that hotel is located can mean the difference between walking easily to everywhere you wish to visit while on your holiday, or having the expense and bother of using public transport to get about.

If you have a choice of 2 hotels however and you find they are both a little off the beaten track, do not dismiss them, as there may be shuttle services available. And these hotels will have chosen their location to build wisely, so there may be some astounding scenery that you could be potentially missing out on, some historical monument or building that you have overlooked or other.

If in doubt, contact the hotel directly (many hotels offer free contact services via their webpage), in order to obtain a little more information.

Good luck in choosing your luxury hotel – enjoy!