Why a Luxury Hotel Beats Out A Mediocre One Every Time

The time is fast approaching, where people all over the world decide it is time to book their holidays, in order to unwind, relax and cast off life’s stresses, if even for a little time.

For many out there, this is the one or two week period they look forward to most all year, so should it not make sense to try and ensure that the accommodation you choose while on that holiday is amongst the best possible?

Here are some reasons why a luxury hotel will beat out a mediocre one, every single time.


Some 3 or 4 star hotels are perfectly fine, decorated to high standard and quite comfortable. But often, there is something missing. Be it laundry service, room service options or the ability to get food at any time day or night, you will often find that lesser hotels are not exactly everything your heart desires.

You will often find that you need to make compromises to get the experience you really desire. Not so with a luxury hotel, who will usually do everything that a guest asks, to ensure that their experience is the very best possible.

The Comfort Factor:

It is safe to say that pretty much everybody reading this will have experienced 3 or 4 star hotels at least once while on their travels. Perhaps many of you have never experienced luxury hotels however. Comfort levels are night and day between the two.

While 3 and 4 star accommodation may seem comfortable at the time, once you have experienced the level of comfort offered in luxury hotels, you will find it next to impossible to ever revert back to booking 3 and 4 star hotels ever again.

Food Choices:

Again, 3 & 4 star hotels are perfectly fine when it comes to food offerings, that is if you are pretty easy going, and choice is not an issue for you. And indeed, many great chefs work in these hotels.

However, with that being said, luxury hotels will often have many different offerings, in many different settings (they may have different restaurants for different styles of cuisine, such as Italian or Asian).

Another issue you will often find, especially if you are vegan or a vegetarian is that, while your needs are catered to somewhat in 3 or 4 star hotels, there often is only just one choice on the menu for you – it does not take to long to get sick of seeing “”Nut Roast” on every single hotel menu you see!

Overall Experience:

The overall experiences between luxury and lesser hotels is totally different. While many in 3 or 4 star hotels simply return there in the evening, maybe have something to eat, and head for bed, repeating the next morning, those in luxury hotels find it hard to leave their surroundings – at all! You really need to experience the differences for yourself!

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