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Pest Free Holiday

Most people spend a lot of time and money attempting to get to a point in their life where they can visit some exotic destination that they have always wanted to see. Some people want to see endless miles of beach and others simply want to experience something different from their normal life. The problem is, most all exotic destinations come with bugs that can put a serious damper on any vacation of a lifetime. For this reason, hotels and resorts must find a way to provide a pest free holiday for their guests.

The Problem with Pests

Tropical Vacation

As human beings, we live in a world that is filled with adventure, but we want it to be safe adventures. We have the ability to see our most exotic paradise and enjoy what it has to offer, but then we must worry about the safety of going there. Simply drinking water that we are not used to can put our stomach in an uproar, which could turn our dream vacation into a nightmare we want to forget. Then you also have the added risk of a simple mosquito bite blessing you with Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile, the Zika Virus, and many more. It is said that more than 700 million people come into contact with a disease from mosquitoes yearly. Hotels and resorts in paradise have to strive to make guests feel safe while providing an experience they will never forget.

Protecting Guests

A sad truth is that bugs are always a part of life. Spiders can show up anywhere and in some areas, they are dangerous. Mosquitoes buzz around wherever they please, and it has been proven they can be tough to deal with. Eliminating all is not possible, but there are many things a resort or hotel can do to lessen the risk for visitors.

One option is to provide each guest with easy access to mosquito repellents for the times when they want to venture out into the surrounding area. It should be as easy to access as sunblock. However, you should provide several different options, including natural repellents that people will not mind wearing on their body.

There are also mosquito traps that can be used for indoors as well as outdoors. These traps do not put off harmful fumes and draw mosquitoes, as well as other flying insects, away from visitors. You may also choose to have smaller indoor bug zappers located in each of the suites.

Showing Guests Kindness

When you are a part of a resort or a hotel in some exotic location, you know that you have to please your guests. They are the ones who will return and perhaps send friends or family to visit you. These guests may not show up worrying about the mosquitoes or other insects that are native to that area. You have to be prepared for them. Provide for their needs and make it so that they can enjoy all of their time there. It will ensure that they only think of their experiences as positive and they can tell others about the pest free holiday you provided them.