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The Best Way To Enjoy Travel Is To Book The Right Hotel


There are billions of hotels in the world, but only 10% offer you a full customer service. These hotels increased their service to the highest possible level. They practically have it all, from spa center to special department for your children and even the magnificent view if nature didn’t serve for it. Take Dubai for example, they created an empire in the middle of nowhere, and the view is outstanding, they replaced the nature with the fake island and buildings that can “touch the sky.”

The 3 Best Hotels in the World

OberoiRajvilas, Jaipur, India

If you want to feel like royalty, we have a place for you. The most breathtaking oasis that you have ever seen in your entire life, you will find at OberoiRajvilas, set in 32-acre of gardens. Besides an amazing and stunning Shiva temple from 18th century ornamented by crystal chandeliers, gold leaf frescoes, and beautiful, relaxing swimming pool you will also be able to see the most exotic bird life, luxurious spa, suites and departments for a private gathering, therefore you can get private pavilions for your family. This resort is famous for its style which is traditional Rajasthani.

OberoiRajvilas, Jaipur, India

GiliLankanfushi. North Male Atoll, Maldives

GiliLankanfushi. North Male Atoll, Maldives

For people that want to exclude themselves from the reality and the everyday life, far away from others, this resort is an excellent preposition. It is set on a private island you can reach only by boat. Inside of this private property, you will find 45 over water villas and private residence surrounded by vibrant marine life and the most beautiful landscape that you will ever see in your life. It is a paradise for couples and the most common choice for honeymooners. Each guest receives his personal assistant to welcome him with fresh fruit. You will receive this and much more if you choose this hotel.

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome, Paris, France

Paris is always a great idea, but Park Hyatt Paris is better one. This excellent location has everything, from the spa with a whirlpool bath to sauna, or a steam room combined with four treatment rooms and a gym you will receive a full service and even more. It offers you also Michelin- starred restaurant Pur’ with the tastiest dishes of a sophisticated French cuisine. And the best thing is the fact you will enjoy the best sightseeing locations in the world, such as Louvre or Arc de Triomphe. Everything is close to you, and still, you are separate from everything.

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome, Paris, France

Rooms and Suites

The commodity is always in the first place but you can also receive the beautiful view, and this affects its price a lot. The style of the room depends on a hotel and the tradition that they intend to respect. Like we mention above, you will see Rajasthani style in India, Louis XIV in France and Ivory beauty in Africa. Everything depends on a location and the tradition characteristic for the country you are visiting. Room service is pretty much good in all of them, and in most cases, it is included in your price. However, type of dish varies from country to country.

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Living Large in Small Spaces
Some people still enjoy the idea of a large house on a hill somewhere, but most people are unable to afford it. We associate luxury and stability with that large home. However, as the new tiny home popularity increases, we can see that comfort isn’t always big. For instance, a hotel. A hotel may be large, but most of the rooms inside are small. The catch is, they allow visitors to live large in their small space by providing luxury accommodations.

Live It Up

A hotel will generally provide more to visitors than a simple bed. Many will provide refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, couches, chairs, televisions, and more in an effort to meet the needs of guests. They do it because it is typically the only way that they can feel certain people will return to them the next time that they are passing through. City centers face an even harder challenge. They must appeal to the people by providing every luxury in an area that is heavily congested and space is limited. The property that the hotel rests on is also premium property. If a hotel cannot draw people in, keep it affordable, and provide for guests, then the doors of it will be closed.

How Hotels Provide Lavish Luxuries

When you walk into a hotel room, you know you will find a bed. That is what they are used for. People stay in hotels when they need a place to sleep and are away from home. An outdated bedroom, one that doesn’t match, will never feel luxurious. Therefore, in order to make guests happy, a hotel will provide nice beds, nice blankets, soft pillows, and comfortable sheets. All fabrics will compliment each other and provide a textile experience that people love. Most of today’s hotels also include side tables with lamps, cozy chairs in a corner, an armoire for clothing, a desk with a comfortable chair, and more. Often the armoire will double as a place for the television’s hiding spot. In the bathroom of your hotel room, you can expect to find a tub, shower, and toilet. To make it luxurious, some hotels will add a spa-like tub and shower. However, since these are often narrow rooms with a sink outside of it; they may use a small toilet next to the tub. It provides for every need, but looks trendy in the way that it is laid out.

What More Could You Hope For?

A luxury hotel is designed to make people feel at home, even when they are no where near home. Light colors are often used to ensure that the room feels larger than it actually is. Most have large windows to allow guests to enlarge the room if they want to. As a bonus, most will offer visitors a space where they can go to get out of their room for a while. A swimming pool that is well maintained, a gym for working out, and a breakfast area for people to mingle with other guests are all possible.